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Protools 12

Steinberg Wavelab Pro 10 (mastering)

SSL4000 Mixing Console

Apollo 16 (x2)

Apollo 8x

Apollo Twin

Distressor EL8-X

Audioscape 1176 Rev A

Audioscape V-Comp +

AMS Neve 1073n (x2)

Heritage Audio HA81 (x2)

Thermionic Culture Vulture

SSL UC1 Plugin Controller

SSL Channel Strip & Bus Comp Plugins

UAD Plugins

All UADx (Native) Plugins

All Plugin Alliance Plugs

All Slate Plugins

All SoundToys Plugins

All Fabfilter Plugins


Senheiser e906 (x2)

Md421 (x2)

JZ v47 (x2) u47 clone

JZ v67 (x2) 67 clone

Sm57 (x3)

Sm7v (x2)

Warm audio 47 (being sent to shop for fix)

Warm audio FET 47 (x2)

Warm audio 414 (x2)

Akg 214

AEA condenser

AEA r84

Coles 4038 pair

Soyuz 017 tube v2

Akg d12 VR

Nueman km84 pair

Nueman Tlm 102


Barefoot Audio Footprint 02s

Hear Technologies Hearback Mixer (3x)


90s fender cyclone

90s fender mustang

American Fender Tele Deluxe

MIM fender thinline

MIM fender P-bass

epiphone sheritan

gretsch electromatic

taylor acoustic

assorted acoustic guitars




vintage fender bassman 135

fender bassman (different model)

fender deville

70s fender twin

Dr. Z - head and cab

Marshall JMP


fender 1x12 combo

badcat combo

vox ac30

ampeg v4

fender bassman cab -2x12 converted to 1x15

marshall 1960a lead cab


Slingerland kit

--20" kick, 12" rack tom, 16" floor tom

Ludwig skyblue 22" kick

Tama superstar 24" kick and 13" rack tom

Ludwig black magic 8" snare

Chrome over brass snare

maple snare

dream ride 22"

vintage paiste hihats

ziljian 14' custom special dry hihats

vintage ludwig kick & 12" tom


Kaiwai Upright Piano

Fender Rhodes


Midi controller keyboard

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