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Yeah Is What We Have- Through the Window
Produced, Mixed
Table Talk- No Road Leads There
Production, Engineering
Head Spell- Take What You Can Get
Honest Face Records/OK Sweet Records
Produced, Engineered, Mixed
Haverford side only
Production, Writing, Mixing, Guitar
Answering Machine- EP
Engineered, Mixed

Oso Oso- The Yunahon Mixtape


Triple Crown Record

Production, Engineering, Mixing

Innerlove- Fine By Me
Know Hope Records
Produced, Engineered, Mixed
Haverford- Alaskan Summer
Production, Writing, Mixing, Guitar/Keys
Uma Neironaut
Here's To You
Engineered, Additional Production

Oso Oso- gb/ol/h/nf & subside

Triple Crown Records

Produced, Engineered, Piano

Fear Not Ourselves Alone
Engineering, Mixing
Haverford- Spirit Bear
Production, Writing, Mixing, Guitar/Keys
Bedroom- Winter In Memory (Bedroom side only)
Mixed, Mastered
Max Gordon- Giving Up My Friends
Engineered, Co-Produced, Mixed

Oso Oso- Real Stories of True People Who Kind of Looked Like Monsters

Soft Speak Records

Produced, Engineered, keys

Bedroom- A Thousand Harmonies In Silence
Past Inside The Present Records
Haverford- Singles
Production, Writing, Mixing, Guitar/Keys
Bigger Better Sun-Comfort Foods
Seal Mountain Records
Produced, Mixing, Songwriting, Guitar, Piano, Additional Drums and
Anxioushum- Myspace Demos
Produced, Mixed, Mastered
Puppybrother- Leave It Where It Lays
Produced, Engineered, Mixed
Haverford, Sunning (Swiss Only), Kwyjibo
Engineered, Mixed
Max Gordon- Dead
Engineered, Co-Produced, Mixed
The Magic Fountain- LP
Engineered, Mixed, Mastered
Answering Machine only
Engineered, Mixed
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